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Greenock underwear shirt zip neck

Артикул:  7554-381
Размер одежды:
Голосов: 1

Greenock is designed according to where the sweat glands are concentrated on your body – feel the difference!The origin of the name of the coastal Scottish town of Greenock is unknown, but “Graenag” means a gravelly or sandy place, which accurately describes the foreshore before the docks and piers were built. These places have been the inspiration for some of the colours of the Greenock underwear. In Gaelic, it means “sunny place”, and that is how it feels when you are wearing Greenock underwear.Greenock underwear is designed according to where the sweat glands are concentrated on the body, so that the fabric is thinner where you sweat most. Feel the difference!

  • Turtle neck w. 1/2 zip at front
  • Long sleeve underwear in a smart design
Shell 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane Tricot
Wash & Care Information
  • Wash separately with inside out.
  • Do not use softener.

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